FAQ About Drunk Driving in Edmonton

The law office of Thomas E. Plupek in Edmonton is here to answer your questions regarding criminal law matters. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving in Edmonton, it is best to consult with Thomas E. Plupek in person right away. Call to receive a complimentary first consultation.

Can You Get the Charges Dropped?

A lot will depend on the quality of the police work involved. This can only be determined once we receive all disclosure (police file) and review it thoroughly. That review may show where the police made any mistakes. A reasonable prospect of success can then be made.

However, even if an initial opinion cannot be favourably made based on disclosure, there may be facts or information which you have that could increase your chances of acquittal. We always prefer to discuss the details together after we get the disclosure and review it with you.

What Are The Penalties If I Plead Guilty?

It is normally best to get legal advice in advance, especially if you already have a criminal record including prior similar or the same charges. In these type of cases, it is wise to have a lawyer discuss options with you and with the prosecutor’s office if required.

For first time offenders there is normally a fine (minimum is $1,000.00 and maximum of $5,000.00) which varies based on other factors. As well, a minimum period of 12 months prohibition from driving will be imposed. However, you will be eligible to drive after a period of 3-month prohibition expires and have an ignition interlock.

Of course, there is the matter of then having a criminal record which could impact employment, travel and other day-to-day issues.

Is There Any Way I Can Still Drive Before I Appear in Court?

The police may have already taken your license and destroyed it after you were charged. An Administrative License Suspension was probably given to you. Unless you appeal this suspension you cannot drive until your criminal charges are resolved.

Even If My Case Looks Bad on Paper Can I Still Fight the Charges?

Yes, absolutely. There have been many occasions at a trial where the police witnesses make mistakes or appear to once they get questioned and charges can get dismissed. A trial is the only real way to test how well the case is proven. It is your right to have a trial. The case needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

What Happens If The Charges Are More Serious Than Simple Impaired Driving?

For other cases involving accidents, impaired driving causing bodily harm or death, dangerous driving or flight from police it is in your best interests to get proper advice from a lawyer as the jail sentences can arise, suspensions of licenses and fines can be higher and there can be insurance repercussions.

What Can I Expect From Your Representation?

I have 35 years of experience and personally handle all files directly, which means I will know or learn all the details once my office has been hired. Your input will also count, as this helps to increase or improve your chances of acquittal. I take pride in providing the best legal service for my clients as I can and have had success in conducting their cases.

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